Retailers Happy with FMI2012

A survey of retailers attending the just-concluded FMI2012, the Food Retail Show in Dallas last week found a growing interest in an annual trade show and great satisfaction with the current format.

A poll of more than 50 retailers taken on the show floor on the first two days of the three day event at the Dallas Convention Center, found that nearly 80 percent were extremely satisfied with the event and the trade show itself. More than 65 percent said they would attend the event on an annual basis if it was held in a convenient location and offered a similar program to this year’s event. The next show will take place in Chicago in May 2014.

By a wide margin, nearly four to one, retailers said they were impressed with the number of exhibitors at the show and were happy with the co-location of the FMI event with two other shows, United Fresh and the American Meat Institute. “It made it easy to go from place to place,” said one merchant. “The show floor, in total, was quite large. But it was segmented and that made it easier for me to get to my appointments.”

Another popular area was the Center Store and Front End Solution Centers, though some retailers said that FMI must promote these areas more in the future.

The only complaint retailers had was the limited number of general merchandise and health and beauty care exhibitors at the show. One nonfoods buyer said he was shocked to find so few in attendance and said he would not come back to the Chicago show unless he was certain more nonfoods manufacturers were in attendance.

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