Albertsons Southern California Division Announces Workforce Reduction

ALBERTSONS Southern California Division, a subsidiary of SUPERVALU, announced plans to reduce its store-level workforce by an estimated 2,200-2,500 positions. These reductions, which will occur across all 247 Albertsons stores in California and Nevada, will begin the week of June 17 and should be completed near July 1. The change is expected to directly impact a small number of positions at any specific store location.

ALBERTSONS, which represents the largest retail chain in SUPERVALU’s family of grocery stores, is focused on simplifying its organization and reducing expenses to help reinvest in more customer facing initiatives. “A decision of this nature is never easy, but it is the necessary step for us to take to help improve our business and accelerate our turnaround,” said Dan Sanders, president, ALBERTSONS Southern California Division. “Our goal is to more effectively serve the marketplace by scheduling associates more appropriately to serve customers at the times they shop. I am confident our team will embrace these changes and help us to compete more effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace.”

In February, the company identified ways to de-layer and remove costs with a reduction in its Fullerton store support center. While ALBERTSONS’ commitment to the neighborhoods it serves remains the same, the need for change at the company is clear. ALBERTSONS has not kept pace with the changing needs of its customers for a number of reasons. At the same time, while the division has experienced a reduction in traffic and an overall decline in sales, it has not made the necessary adjustments to its store-level operations.

ALBERTSONS will work with the union to ensure a smooth transition for affected associates based on the collective bargaining agreement. Sanders concluded, “ALBERTSONS Southern California Division is committed to providing our neighborhoods with a superior grocery shopping experience enhanced by local expertise, national strength and a passion for our guests. Today’s announcement will not affect this commitment in any way.”

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