Chile Food Truck Debuts at Fancy Food Show

Wines of Chile USA along with ProChile sponsored an innovative truck concept at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington DC, June 17-19. The truck operated as a bar from which attendees were be able to sample a range of Chilean wines as well as foods, olive oils and mineral waters emblematic of the country. Chile is the first country to place a truck inside the convention center where the food show will take place.

“While we can’t take everyone to Chile, we think this is a great way to reinforce the unique diversity that Chilean wines bring to the U.S. market,” said Lori Tieszen, executive Director of Wines of Chile USA. The truck will be wrapped in a stunning vineyard photo with a QR code link to information on the products being sampled.

Chile’s participation in the Summer Fancy Food Show is part of the effort of showcasing Chilean products’ uniqueness and diversity in the US market.

Executive director Lori Tieszan helping with Wines of Chile USA at the Fancy Food Show.

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