Food Safety Basics

When I embarked on the research for my story on food safety equipment for our July issue, I fully expected people to talking about RFID tags, temperature monitoring systems, traceability technology and other gadgets to ensure that our food supply remains as safe as possible.

And to be sure, the latest technologies all factor into my article on food safety and the role of equipment.

However, I was struck by one comment from an executive at a pallet manufacturer. “Every product in a supermarket comes in contact with a pallet,” he says. They’ve developed better processes for sanitizing the pallets in their pallet pool.

Another executive at a company that makes shelving talked about redesigning the shelves to make them easier to clean and adding anti-microbial materials.

Yet another of my sources talked about improving the process for cleaning refrigerated cases.

With all the high-tech solutions out there, it comes down to the most basic of things—cleaning properly and doing it often—when it comes to food safety.


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