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Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest may be over, but New Orleans is still the center of attention for the food industry. With the IDDBA’s Deli-Dairy-Bake 2012 taking over the Convention Center from June 10-12, grocery retailers and buyers will be out in full force tasting new cheeses and scouting the hottest bakery and deli items. Here is a selection of products retailers should check out at the show.

Applied Data Corp. (ADC)
Booth #5619
NutriGen, Applied Data Corp.’s recipe management software system, allows supermarket chains to provide interactive recipes to their store operators for items produced or finished in stores. NutriGen generates legally compliant nutritional, allergen and ingredient labeling information, as well as derives the true cost of prepared foods, including packaging and process costs.

Arla Foods
Booth #2515
Arla Foods announces that Denmark’s Finest imported Creamy Havarti is joining the House of Castello. Sporting a bold new package design, Castello Havarti is still made from the original 130-year-old recipe. It joins the Castello collection of European cheeses that are crafted to suit customers’ passion for new tastes, say company officials.

ARPAC Food Group
Booth #4559
ARPAC Food Group’s modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system with patented Shelf Life Booster technology offers a natural approach to extending the life of fresh food products. The MAP equipment can achieve oxygen residuals of less than 0.5% using no vacuum, with thermoformed trays of various materials and heat resistance and custom tailored lidding films. It is safe and gentle on all fresh food products from seafood to fresh cut produce.

Booth #2232
Bagcraft is introducing Dubl View ToGo! Deli Bags, a high-performance deli sandwich packaging that company officials say drives impulse sales and upgrades quality image. Fully lined with anti-fog film, each package can be heat sealed for extended product shelf life and can be used in the cold or hot merchandising case. The Dubl View Bags allow consumers to see the high quality food retailers prepare in store, say officials.

Bake’n Joy Foods
Booth #5244
Bake’n Joy’s Raspberry Burst Predeposited Muffins feature natural raspberry flavor and real raspberry pieces. All FreshBakes Predeposited Muffins are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure the best flavor, performance and volume, say company officials. They add that these jumbo, specialty muffins are ideal for generating interest in a muffin program.

Baxter Manufacturing
Booth #5736
Baxter is introducing an energy-efficient gas, double-rack oven. Ideal for baking or roasting, the OV500G2-EE oven has the same footprint and standard features as the company’s standard OV500G2—but carries the lowest annual operating cost as reported by the Food Service Technology Center for PG&E, say company officials.

Benelact Dairy
Booth #2700
Benelact Dairy all-natural reduced-cholesterol cheese offers the same taste and functionality as traditional cheese but with one-third less cholesterol. Benelact Dairy cheese is all-natural and contains simple ingredients. The line includes many cuts and varieties, such as commodity, specialty and ethnic type cheeses, and is also available for private label.

Blount Fine Foods
Booth #2333
New from Blount Fine Foods are Retail Premium Seafood Salads from Legal Sea Foods. The 10-ounce retail premium salads come in two varieties, Lobster and Seafood Trio (lobster, shrimp and crab), and are made with 100% real seafood.

Through its long-standing partnership with Blount Fine Foods, Panera this year introduced a line of grain salads that are healthy, full of flavor and great tasting, say company officials. Packaged in 8-ounce retail cups, Wheatberry & Edamame and Tzatziki Taboule varieties are now available, as is Panera’s Napa Chicken Salad, which is full of white meat chicken, grapes and sliced almond.

Boston Coffee Cake
Booth #5244
Boston Coffee Cake has taken its award-winning Original Cinnamon Walnut Boston Coffee Cake and put it into a loaf. Cinnamon Walnut Loaf is made in the company’s old-fashioned tradition, say company officials, using premium ingredients, like select walnuts and real sour cream and topped with cinnamon sugar. Each loaf cake is packaged in a clear clamshell labeled with nutrition and ingredient information.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative
Booth #4349
Cabot’s newest Lowfat flavored Greek-Style Yogurts, made from 2% low-fat milk, are protein-rich and fortified with vitamins A, C, D and E. They come in Blueberry, Peach and Black Cherry flavors.

Carl Buddig & Old Wisconson
Booth #2315
Fast snacking describes Carl Buddig & Old Wisconsin’s new product lineup. Buddig’s Sub Kits make for easy sandwich fixings with portions separated by parchment; Fix Quix are great for snacking right from the cup as well as an ingredient for quick salads and omelets; and Old Wisconsin Beef and Turkey Bites are great for entertainment trays, say company officials.

Crystal Farms
Booth #2507
Sized to be a snack option, Crystal Farms Light Spreadable Cheese wedges come six to a package, individually wrapped with easy-to-open peel. There are three flavors available: Light Creamy Swiss, Light Garlic and Herb and Light Jalapeno Pepper.

Dart Container Corp.
Booth #4442
Dart Container is introducing ClearPac SafeSeal tamper-resistant, tamper-evident containers. The containers are hinged, leak resistant and made of crystal clear, durable PET. The line includes seven popular sizes ranging from 8- to 64-ounce sizes with flat and dome lid options available.

Deli Express
Booth #2541
An E.A. Sween Co. brand, Deli Express introduces a new fresh look to enhance a retailer’s deli program, Market Sandwiches are wrapped in modified atmosphere packaging for enhanced flavor, appearance and increased shelf life. Retailers can reduce in-store labor with Deli Express’s prepackaged sandwiches.

Booth #3855
The EcoTaster Mid is ideal for sampling full-sized bites and can save costs by replacing the sample cup/utensil combo. Sturdy and ample, the EcoTaster Mid has a fold-in backstop making it practical for sampling liquids. It is made from FSC-certified, renewable resources and is recyclable and certified compostable.

Francis Packaging
Booth #1438
Francis Packaging is bringing excitement to the baking category with colored Baking Cups. They are currently available in red, yellow, black and brown, with other colors available on a custom-made basis.

Frankly Fresh
Booth #5345
Frankly Fresh, a Cedarlane Natural Foods company, is reinventing hummus. Frankly Fresh Hummus Cocktails, Smoothies and Classics are made with all-natural ingredients, infused with a variety of flavor combinations and free of chemical preservatives.

Golden Cannoli Shells Co.
Booth #5157
Golden Cannoli is adding several new products to its offerings this year. These include Cannoli Chip and Dip Party Platters, Biscottini soft Italian bite sized cookies in assorted flavors, Bakeoff Elephant Ears and Puff Pastries, Wandies and new pastry fillings. All products are free of trans fats, preservatives and artificial flavors and colors and made with kosher-certified ingredients.

Gourmet Baker
Booth #1429
The Sweet and Salty Caramel Crunch Bar by Gourmet Baker packs a lot of high-quality ingredients into a dessert bar. Crafted with a butter shortbread and streusel base, it is layered with a golden dulce de leche caramel filling and a blend of crushed salted potato chips and rich dark chocolate.

Inline Plastics Corp.
Booth #5325
Inline Plastics is introducing Crystal Fresh, a line of upscale bakery packaging. Available in seven sizes, the containers feature an improved seal to extend product shelf life and a crystal clear view emphasizes the quality of the contents, increasing impulse purchases say company officials.

Jane’s Dough Foods
Booth #1561
Donatos Pizza’s Fresh Bake from Donatos Take & Bake refrigerated pizza line features four new flavors, Pepperoni, Cheese, Pepperoni & Sausage and Pepperoni & Cheese. MAP-packed to cook in 12-18 minutes, the 13-inch pizzas feature lean pepperoni, aged provolone cheese and family-recipe sausage. It has a suggested retail price of $7.99.

Kettle Cuisine
Booth #5048

Kettle Cuisine adds Aztec Chili with Ancient Grains to its line of premium, all-natural soups, chilis and chowders. This creation combines quinoa, amaranth and millet into a Mexican-inspired vegetarian chili filled with flavor.

Lawrence Foods
Booth #4914
Lawrence Foods’ Orchard Fresh Fruit Fillings have the versatility to perform inside baked goods and move effortlessly into other parts of the day. Each shelf-stable and ready-to-use pail has true fruit flavor and unparalleled fruit identity, say company officials.

Booth #5154
Expedite the process for ordering and paying for items made in the kitchen using customer self-order touch screen solutions from NEXTEP SYSTEMS, such as Deli 1-2-3, deli self-order and fulfillment solution and iOrderDeli, a smartphone and iPad ordering system. Team member food and beverage point-of-sale (POS) terminals are available.

Booth #2933
From the maker of Jarlsberg, Original Cheese Dip is a party platter option and an everyday snack on the go. Comprised of shredded Jarlsberg—with its mild and nutty flavor—onion and mayonnaise, it can be served hot or cold or added as a topping or ingredient to enhance any recipe. Jarlsberg Original Cheese Dip is distributed by Norseland.

Oakrun Farm Bakery
Booth #1429
Oakrun Farm Barkery is spicing up the category with three innovative flavors of English muffins. The varieties, Toasted Onion & Smoked Black Pepper, Sundried Tomato Basil and Jalapeno Salsa, are made with real spices and savory inclusions. The muffins have no cholesterol or trans fat and are low in saturated fats and sodium with less than 140 calories per serving.

Oliver Packaging & Equipment Co.
Booth #5040
The first Oliver retail bread slicer was introduced to the bakery market in 1932. Eighty years later, Oliver is introducing the Self Serve Bread Slicer (model 748). This consumer-safe slicer puts the customer in control of slicing, and reduces labor and drives additional traffic through self-serve.

Ozery Bakery
Booth #5251
The newest family of products at Ozery Bakery, Crispy Pitas are a toasted pita snack available in four flavors: Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, Rosemary Garlic, Organic Spelt with Flax and Organic Wheat. Baked in small batches, Crispy Pitas contain fruits, seeds, herbs and flavors baked right into the dough. They are non-GMO, contain no trans fat and no artificial ingredients.

Pastry Star
Booth #5254
Panna Cotta Express is a powder blend designed to make a classic Italian Panna Cotta dessert utilizing natural ingredients. It is made simply with hot milk and cream and, after refrigeration, the Panna Cotta is set and ready to serve.

Booth #4849
RATIONAL’s SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency, with patented HiDensityControl (Intelligent Energy Management Control), controls cooking energy (power, fan speed and direction), channeling heat and humidity to where it is needed within the cooking cabinet, say company officials. It allows users to fry, roast, grill and bake, and easily prepare a variety of foods using the seven “touch-of-the-button” cooking modes.

Reichel Foods
Booth #2951
Dippin’ Stix Lunch Combinations are fresh, delicious and convenient meal replacements featuring extended shelf life, sustainable packaging and an affordable price point, say company officials. Dippin’ Stix offerings include Celery & Ranch Dip; Celery & Peanut Butter; Pita Chips and Hummus, available in two flavor combinations; and Pickles with Bacon Ranch Dip, available as a single serve or party tray.

Rich Products Corp.  
Booth #3115
Rich Products knows how to have its cake and eat it too. S’mores Bettercreme Whipped Icing is a toasted marshmallow flavored icing featuring graham cracker and chocolate crumbles blended with a rich chocolate fudge swirl. The unique flavors bring the delicious, nostalgic S’mores experience to any iced, moist cake, say company officials.

Booth #2023
Robbie Flexibles’ Stand Up Pouches can stimulate consumer sales through the addition of on-pack promotional offers, say company officials. Robbie now has the capability to place labels or coupons on all pouches. On-pack offers can be applied for IRC’s, future use coupons, cross couponing, recipe delivery or promotional offers (contest/sweepstakes)—or labels can also be used for branding and product identification.

Rubschlager Baking Corp.
Booth #3048
Rubschlager’s Rye-Ola Breads have the true taste of Northern European breads, say company officials. The product is made of 100% whole rye and is 100% whole grain.

Sabra Dipping Co.
Booth #4115
Sabra is expanding its line of fresh dips with four flavors of salsa and two flavors of Guacamole. Made with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and peppers, Sabra salsas come in Homestyle Mild, Homestyle Medium, Chunky Pico De Gallo and Southwestern Style, and Sabra Guacamole comes in Classic and Spicy flavors.

Made with real Greek Yogurt, Sabra’s new line of Greek Yogurt Veggie Dips pack a lot of flavor without all the fat, say company officials. They are available in a variety of flavors such as Onion, Roasted Garlic, Spinach and Artichoke and Cucumber Dill.

Stefano Foods
Booth #1546
Stefano Foods introduces Pepperoni Rolls, available to supermarket delis nationally as a thaw-and-sell item. Each 15-ounce package, sold under Stefano’s The Right Stuff brand, includes six fully baked 2.5-ounce Pepperoni Rolls. They are formulated to reheat quickly in consumers’ conventional and microwave ovens.

Booth #4346
SweetWorks introduces its Celebration 48-count shippers, which are designed with bright colors and are ideal for showcasing SweetWorks new shimmer colors, company officials say. Twenty-four Sixlets jars and 24 Pearls jars comprise this display, which are available in three themes: Everyday, Halloween and Christmas.

Tillamook County Creamery Assoc.
Booth #5233
Tillamook farmer-owned cooperative is introducing a line of light yogurt naturally sweetened with Truvia sweetener and made without artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup. Tillamook is the first light yogurt on the market naturally sweetened with Truvia sweetener, say officials. The 10-flavor line is available for national distribution and contains only 110 calories per 6-ounce cup.

Tryst Gourmet / Eat Well Enjoy Life
Booth #5133
Eat Well Enjoy Life’s new line of hummus is made with Edamame beans, black and white beans and red and yellow lentils, with unique toppings. Available in eight flavors and a range of sizes, the hummus is packaged with a two-color lid. All items are kosher, cholesterol-free and gluten-free and are a natural source of protein and fiber.

White Toque
Booth #5351
White Toque’s Bake’Up French croissant line is dedicated to professionals in food service. Stemming from a new concept of production, Bake’Up French croissants are the only raw unproofed products ready in two minutes available on the U.S. market, say company officials. Three times smaller than a pre-proofed or prebaked product, they require much less freezer space and reduce costs.

Yancey’s Fancy
Booth #5649
Yancey’s Fancy has brought four more flavors into the fold. A Natural Smoked Jalapeno & Cayenne Cheddar; the Tequila Margarita, a raw milk cheddar with a twist; Tandoori Gouda, which adds Indian spice to an old-fashioned favorite; and Chastinet, which is a new take on Swiss flavor.

Nestlé Professional
Booth #2123
Officials at Nestle Professional are meeting consumers’ demand for nutritious ingredients, great flavor and whole grains. They say all these qualities come together in Stouffer’s Macaroni & Cheese, which are made with whole grains. 

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