Peruvian Avocados Return to the United States

Avocados from Peru are returning to the United States this June through September. To celebrate, the Peruvian Avocado Commission is launching an inaugural marketing campaign this summer to commemorate the Peruvian avocado season.

As demand for avocados continue to rise to a record 1.4 billion pounds in 2012, timing is  right for Avocados from Peru to enter the market as they will be available during the spring and summer months – a period when consumption for avocados is at its highest.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring high-quality Peruvian avocados to the United States during the highest period of avocado consumption,” says Enrique Camet, Peruvian Avocado Commission Chairman and CEO of Agropecuaria Las Lomas de Chilca. “Avocados from Peru will complement the California avocado season, allowing the avocado industry to finally keep up with the demands of consumers for more Hass avocados.”

The campaign, themed “Monumental Taste,” will convey the unique heritage of Peru while leveraging the growing popularity of Peruvian cuisine in the United States.

The integrated marketing effort is designed to raise consumer awareness and support the product at retail via a robust media buy that includes billboards near retail outlets, radio and in-store signage. The year one effort will focus on key markets including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento and is intended to put a solid foundation in place for enhanced efforts in the following years.

The campaign also includes the launch of a website – The new site will be filled with dozens of recipes showcasing the versatility of Avocados from Peru and features a nutrition section to remind consumers about the many health benefits of avocados.

Public relations efforts include a partnership with a Los Angeles-based Peruvian chef and a New York City event at Peruvian restaurant and hot spot “La Mar” to introduce Peruvian avocados to influential food writers and bloggers. New materials and media relations will round out efforts to reach food media across the country.

“We’re delighted with the ‘Monumental Taste’ campaign theme and creative. It’s a very exciting time for the Peruvian avocado industry,” says Bruce Dowhan, Peruvian Avocado Commission Vice Chairman and General Manager of Giumarra Agricom International.

Sixty million pounds of avocados are expected to be shipped to the United States in 2012. Avocados from Peru are available June through September. Advertising and PR efforts will have a heavy emphasis in July and August.

Avocados from Peru billboards will feature the “Monumental Taste” campaign theme and be strategically placed near retailers in markets like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

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