PMA Applauds Efforts of the Alliance for Food and Farming

Bryan Silbermann, president and CEO of Produce Marketing Association, today issued the following statement in response to the release of the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list:

The U.S. government and international health officials agree that the nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables by far outweigh any risk posed by low levels of pesticide residues. At a time when government is urging increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, our industry will not tolerate negligence and sensationalism that erode consumers’ confidence in the safety and wholesomeness of fresh produce.

“PMA applauds the efforts of the Alliance for Food and Farming and its campaign to counter inaccurate claims about pesticide levels on fresh produce that have been widely reported in the media for years. This is part of our ongoing work to identify, address and respond to emerging issues to protect and defend the produce industry’s image and bolster consumer confidence in fresh fruits and vegetables – just one example of the ways PMA provides year-round value to members.

“When the integrity of the produce industry and our products are threatened, our industry’s voice must be heard. I encourage members of the produce industry to join PMA in supporting the Alliance for Food and Farming, and to apply the tools found on, provided by the Alliance, to communicate with customers and consumers about the safety of fruits and vegetables to set the record straight – produce remains the safe choice for consumers.”

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