Potandon Produce is going Meatless on Mondays with Klondike Brands Potatoes

Potandon Produce is proud to announce that Klondike Brands Potatoes is joining with the international movement, Meatless Monday, in July in order to bring attention to the health benefits of potatoes, to encourage consumers to eat and live healthier, to save money and to show their love for potatoes.

Meatless Monday is a national movement that dedicates the first day of every week to commit to healthy eating behaviors that increase overall health and help end chronic preventable diseases. As a part of this movement, each Monday in July, Klondike Brands will feature a new, meatless recipe on its website using Klondike Brands potatoes as a delicious and filling alternative to meat. Several of these new meatless entrée recipes also include instructional videos featuring Chef Bryan Woolley. The Klondike Brands website, Facebook and Twitter sites will all be sharing tips, tricks and ideas for making Mondays successfully meatless.

As part of the Meatless Monday events, Klondike Brands is sponsoring a Twitter party. It is being hosted by Klondike Brands and Meatless Mondays, and cohosted by popular blogs The Recipe Renovator and Domestic Divas Blog on July 16th. Klondike Brands customers can join in to discuss the health and nutritional benefits of potatoes, along with some recipe tips, tricks and a chance to win giveaways.

Barbara Keckler, Marketing Supervisor at Potandon Produce said, “Potandon is happy to promote the Meatless Monday lifestyle and the commitment to eating healthy. Klondike Brands Potatoes are a naturally healthy fit that can be used to make a multitude of delicious meatless entrees!”

Meatless Mondays
Klondike Brands Potatoes

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