SmartWash Organic Gets OMRI Approval

The new organic food wash enhancer from Salinas-based SmartWash Solutions has been reviewed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and determined to be allowed for use in organic produce wash systems. SmartWash Organic (SWO), like the company’s original formula helps eliminate cross contamination in chlorine-based wash lines.

“SmartWash Organic features the power and science of the original formula in a re-engineered solution,” say Jim Brennan, SmartWash Solutions President. “It is specifically designed for organic production and processing. SmartWash Organic is a natural extension of our commitment to providing effective wash solutions, based on GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients.”

Now added to the OMRI Products list, SmartWash Organic, was developed after three years of research and numerous requests from customers. SWO is currently available as part of the company’s automated, process control, food safety solutions.

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