Vegetarian Plus Expands Lineup of Asian-Themed Dishes

Vegetarian Plus is introducing two dishes to its already extensive lineup of Asian inspired and easy-to-prepare meat alternatives. Marketed to vegetarians, vegans and occasional vegetarians alike, the new Vegetarian Plus products are prepared with 100% vegan, all-natural, non-gmo ingredients, are low in calories and free of trans fat and cholesterol.

The new products include:

  • Vegan Korean Sesame Beef, based on the classic, national Korean dish, this healthy, vegan version takes strips of vegan sesame beef and combines it with the flavor of white sesame and a mild chili spice blend.
  • Vegan Thai Lemongrass Fish, marinated in the flavor of aromatic lemongrass sauce, is a vegan fish from the coastal shores of Thailand.

Vegetarian Plus’ new Vegan Korean Sesame Beef and Vegan Thai Lemongrass Fish will be available at natural food markets and other high-end food retail chains across the U.S.

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