Wholly Guacamole Debuts the Wholly Guacamole Dog at SONIC Drive-Ins

July is National Hot Dog Month, and the Wholly Guacamole brand is joining forces with SONIC Drive-­In to introduce Wholly Guacamole Dog.

“Avocado products are increasingly in high demand, and we’re excited to be offering our  customers guacamole as a menu choice,” says James O’Reilly, SONIC chief marketing officer.  “Wholly Guacamole  products are well known for their quality of ingredients and
taste. We feel they are a great partner for our brand and for our customers.”

The promotion officially kicks off June 25 and will run through August 12. The limited time offer will be supported by an integrated mix of web and social media, in-­store Wholly Guacamole product packaging (which includes a free small SONIC Tots offer), free standing inserts in newspapers and SONIC’s iconic “Two Guys” national television media.

“We are excited about the opportunity to offer Wholly Guacamole products outside the
grocery store. Partnering with SONIC allows consumers to try our product in a new way,” says Tracey Altman, vice president of marketing for Fresherized Foods, the home of Wholly Guacamole products. “Allowing consumers to try our guacamole in restaurants and having them bring home that idea is a win-­win for all of us.”Wholly Guacamole products can be found nationally in grocery store produce sections.

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