ZzzQuil from Vicks

The makers of Vicks NyQuil announce a non-habit forming, over-the-counter sleep-aid that provides relief for occasional sleeplessness. ZzzQuil. Not for not for colds, or for pain, just for sleep, with ZzzQuil Procter & Gamble enters a new product category “ZzzQuil not only helps reduce the time it takes for a person to fall asleep, but allows them to sleep soundly so they can wake up rested and refreshed,” says Dave Tomasi, Marketing Director North America Vicks. “It is a sleep-only solution that delivers effective relief to consumers suffering from occasional sleeplessness.”

Unlike some other over-the-counter products that combine ingredients to relieve minor aches and pains with a sleep aid, ZzzQuil helps relieve occasional sleeplessness through its single active ingredient, diphenhydramine HCI. ZzzQuil is the only over-the-counter sleep-aid medication that comes in both a liquid (Warming berry-flavor) and a LiquiCap form, say company officials. It is intended for adults and children 12 years of age and older. It is non-habit forming and safe and effective when used according to package directions.


by Vicks



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