Baloian Farms Expands Product Mix with a Value Priced Pepper Pack

Baloian Farms is introducing Oddbells, a value priced consumer pepper pack. Driven by an interest to find a market for their unique shaped, non-blocky peppers, Baloian Farms noted consumer trends that included a rise in bell pepper consumption, more home cooking with a greater use of fresh ingredients and a consumer emphasis on value that led them to identify a market opportunity for a value priced bell pepper pack.

“As a company, we are always looking for new ways to add value to not only our bottom-line, but the bottom-line of our customers – including the consumers who ultimately take our product home. Oddbells was a great place to use ingenuity more than innovation and add value without adding cost,” says Jeremy Lane, sales manager of Baloian Farms.

The Oddbell’s pepper pack is a 1-pound cello pack that includes 3-4 unique shaped peppers. The bright colored packaging include on-pack messaging that notes the value proposition and goal of avoiding waste to help consumers understand the value of unique shaped peppers.

The unique, misshapen peppers are not a new phenomenon. Caused by seasonal changes affecting pollination or crowding of peppers on plant, up to 30% of all peppers picked could be misshapen. In the past, much of this product, often classified as choppers, has been sold to processors and foodservice providers for considerably lower prices than traditional blocky shaped peppers. Now, the new outlet of these peppers allows retailers, to offer two different SKU’s to accommodate two very different consumers while achieving reasonable margins on both items.

Oddbells are available in 12-1# packs for green and red peppers and will be available for purchase in late July with an average suggested retail price of $1.39.

“We believe Oddbells has a clear place in the market and will serve two very different customers and ultimately increase total sales for the category. We look forward to sharing this product with our customers and rolling out many more products that bring added value to the category,” adds Lane.

Baloian Farms

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