CMI is Accepting Submissions for Custom Cherry Bike Giveaway

CMI has launched their Customized Cherry Bike Give away contest for retailers across the United States. The company’s high graphic impulse bins and informative in-store signs, along with QR codes on bags, will lead consumers to the CMI contest page that explains how to enter the contest.

One of the custom CMI fixed gear bicycles that will be awarded to winning contestants.

Consumers have been very receptive to the Facebook promotion and CMI expects excellent consumer participation now that bikes are in stores nationwide. “As growers we look forward to sharing cherries and summer with our consumers. Now we look forward to our consumers sharing back,” says Brett Burdsal, CMI regional marketing director.

Consumers are encouraged to electronically send in a creative picture of their favorite Summertime activity incorporating a fresh package of CMI cherries in the photograph. Pictures can be sent in for uploading on The CMI Facebook Contest site between July 1st and August 30th.  Entering the contest involves only three simple steps. To see details, visit

Contest winners will be announced September 1st.

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