Decas Cranberry Products Announces National Rollout of Reduced-Sugar Cranberries

Decas Cranberry Products Inc. have announced the national rollout of two reduced-sugar dried cranberry lines, Paradise Meadow LeanCrans and Funny Face Dried Cranberries.

LeanCrans, designed to appeal to adults, and Funny Face Dried Cranberries, designed for children, offer half the sugar, 25% fewer calories and five times the fiber of traditional dried cranberries, making the products timely entries to satisfy consumer demand for healthy products. Almost all Americans are trying to improve at least one eating habit, according to the latest research by the International Food Information Council, and the vast majority (87%) is specifically trying to eat more fruits and vegetables.

“The cranberry is not only a great-tasting product, but it’s also good for you,” says Decas CEO Chuck Dillon. “We’re pleased to offer products for both adults and children that make it easier to choose healthy foods. Funny Face and LeanCrans are convenient, nutrient-dense foods that fit into today’s busy, ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles.”

The Funny Face launch marks the return of cartoon characters created in the 1960s by Pillsbury to front a line of children’s drinks. Four of these  characters now champion the new brand of dried cranberry snacks for children, each representing a unique and fun flavor of dried cranberries, Goofy Grape, Rootin Tootin Raspberry, Freckle Face Strawberry and Choo Choo Cherry. A series of online videos, coloring books, recipes, games and crafting projects, available at the Funny Face website,, and on social media channels, will help Decas share the super fruit’s nutritional benefits with children and parents and help teach children about food.

LeanCrans and Funny Face are currently being rolled out nationally to leading grocery retail chains. The 5-ounce resealable packages are sold in the produce, dried fruit and children’s snacks sections of the grocery.

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