Frieda’s Receives Top Scores on Global Food Safety Initative Audit

Showcasing its ongoing commitment to food safety, Frieda’s, Inc. just announced they received a score of 99.72% in their Global Food Safety Initiative audit by PrimusLabs.

“Food safety is of high importance here, and this is validation that we are not only just in compliance, but at the top percentile of compliance. Everyone at Frieda’s is proud of this accomplishment,” says Jackie Caplan Wiggins, vice president and COO of Frieda’s.

Although they have had third party audits since 1996 (long before other wholesalers), this is Frieda’s highest score ever.  “From the very beginning of Frieda’s, my mom (Frieda Caplan) has always valued a clean ‘house’ (our place on the produce market)”, says Wiggins. “What that means for our customers is they know we have the strictest requirements for the suppliers we represent and for our own handling processes and procedures.”

According to Debra Garrison, representative from PrimusLabs, the GFSI audit is much more difficult to pass than a standard food safety audit, because of its detailed processes that facilities must adhere too.  As food safety continues to be top of mind for buyers and consumers, these types of rigorous audits and certifications are becoming the norm for manufacturing facilities. “That score is really something Frieda’s should be proud of,” Garrison said.

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