MilkPEP’s Refuel “got chocolate milk?” Campaign Helps Challenged Athletes

MilkPEP’s REFUEL “got chocolate milk?” campaign has partnered with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), an organization that awards grants or equipment to athletes with physical disabilities to help give them the opportunity to participate in sports they love. On July 17th the partnership provided injured U.S. Army Sergeant Robert Laux with an adaptive bike in support of  CAF’s Operation Rebound  program, which provides funding and equipment to help injured troops and first responders harness the healing power of sport. The program has supported over 1,100 injured troops and first responders and has surpassed $1.3MM in support given since its inception in 2004.

(left to right) Vivien Godfrey, CEO of MilkPEP, Jay Bryant, MD & VA Milk Producers, Army Sgt. Andy Hatcher and Amy Sgt. Robert Laux, Jose Ramos (Operation Rebound)

“There is an ever increasing demand from our veterans for CAF Operation Rebound’s support,” says Nico Marcolongo, operation rebound program manager for CAF.  “We appreciate and thank the REFUEL ‘got chocolate milk?’ campaign for helping us get more of our injured troops from the frontline to the finish line through fundraising efforts tied to its Team REFUEL program.

The REFUEL “got chocolate milk?” campaign  commitment to injured troops and veterans was marked with a donation of a bike to Sgt. Laux in Washington, D.C. on July 17th. Representatives from the “got chocolate milk?” campaign, the charity’s Official Refuel Beverage partner, donated a specially adaptive bike to Sgt. Laux, whose arm was severely injured by a hidden improvised explosive device (IED) near Baghdad in 2007 during a mission to recover the remains of two kidnapped American soldiers. Thanks to this donation, he will be able to cycle, putting minimal stress on his injured arm and allowing him to further strengthen his muscles. In addition, the campaign will support Sgt. Laux by donating a year’s supply of lowfat chocolate milk to help him refuel after strenuous training and competitions so he can perform at his best.

As the Official Refuel Beverage of CAF, the “got chocolate milk?” campaign supports challenged athletes through fundraising efforts tied to its Team REFUEL program as well as refueling athletes at CAF’s signature events, including the annual San Diego Triathlon Challenge  and the Million Dollar Challenge.

The campaign also helps spotlight the amazing achievements of challenged athletes such as Sarah Reinertsen, the first woman to finish the Ironman World Championships on a prosthetic leg, who is starring in a national “got chocolate milk?” print advertisement.
“The ‘got chocolate milk?’ campaign is committed to helping athletes from all sports – both able-bodied and those with physical disabilities – get the most out of exercise by spotlighting the recovery benefits of lowfat chocolate milk,” says Vivien Godfrey, CEO of the MilkPEP. “We’re proud to partner with CAF to recognize challenged athletes like Sgt. Laux and help them rebound through fundraising efforts as well as refueling them at races around the country.”

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