QA Graphics Creates Sustainable Website for Supermarket Chain

QA Graphics, an Iowa based interactive design firm, is pleased to announce that they have completed the website, HyVee 360, for Hy-Vee, Inc., an employee-owned corporation operating 235 supermarket stores in eight Midwestern states. HyVee 360 was created to help the corporation educate consumers about their sustainable initiatives.

HyVee 360 was launched earlier this year to continue Hy-Vee’s sustainability mission of promoting the well-being of their customers, employees, communities and the global environment. The new site provides education about Hy-Vee’s sustainable initiatives along with tips on how consumers can live a healthy and sustainable life.  HyVee 360 can be viewed at

“We chose to create the website to engage our employees and customers and to keep them informed of our sustainable initiatives,” says Michael Smith, AVP of Real Estate and Sustainability at Hy-Vee, “Hy-Vee 360 provides visitors to the website a good overview of the types of sustainable activities we are engaged in and also encourages them to provide us feedback.”

A key feature of the site is an interactive component that allows viewers to interact with a 3D store model. Visitors can select different departments like produce, seafood or Health Market to learn more about Hy-Vee’s sustainable efforts. They can also learn about Hy-Vee’s efforts to reduce energy and resource consumption, increase recycling and expand their offering of local, organic and sustainable products.

The site also shares Hy-Vee’s many resources available to assist consumers in making healthy life choices. Some of the resources include having dietitians at the store to help shoppers with healthy food choices, labeling food items for nutrition using the Nu-Val Nutritional Scoring System, as well as other community based initiatives. The website also promotes Hy-Vee’s commitment to sustainability through a blog, answers to frequently asked questions, and a quiz that tests consumers’ green knowledge.

Hy-Vee looked to QA Graphics to develop this interactive website because of QA Graphics’ experience in providing creative solutions used to educate consumers about sustainable building initiatives. QA Graphics provides the award-winning Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard® solution, which is widely used across North America by organizations to share their green building achievements with occupants and the public.  Hy-Vee is also currently working with QA Graphics to develop a sustainable building dashboard for a new store location that is anticipating LEED certification.

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