GMDC Thanks Members for All the Generous Donations for the Waldo Canyon Fire Victims

GMDC and its Board of Directors would like to say thank you to all its Members and friends who donated to ‘Care and Share’ of Colorado Springs to benefit the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire and for the ongoing support and concern that has been shown throughout this difficult time for Colorado Springs. This experience has strengthened the Colorado Springs community and demonstrated the generosity and compassion of our great country.

Donated items received at the GMDC office and directly at the ‘Care and Share’ headquarters were soaps, razors, cleaning products, vitamins, toothbrushes and baby merchandise, and many other products that were needed by families that have lost most or all of their home contents.

The immediate response was impressive and GMDC is proud of its Membership community. Click here to see a list of all the contributors.

GMDC would like extend a special thanks to Ahold USA, a GMDC member, for making a generous donation of an estimated $50,000 worth of merchandise to ‘Care and Share’ for the Colorado Springs community.

‘Care and Share’ of Southern Colorado helps families and victims in time of crisis, like this one. As a nonprofit organization, it received a record number of donations for the Waldo Canyon Fire victims and firefighters and used a temporary facility to handle the large volume! For more information about Care and Share, please visit:

The Waldo Canyon Fire was a forest fire that started on June 23, 2012. After several days of burning, it was declared 100% contained on July 10th. Unfortunately, in the end, 18,247 acres were burned, 346 homes destroyed, and over 32,000 residents of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas  were evacuated.

Again, GMDC thanks its Members for the outpouring of donations and the opportunity to assist its local families in need.

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