Limoneira Unleashes the Power of Lemons

Limoneira Company has announced a new marketing campaign to Unleash the Power of Lemons.

“Lemons are one of the most versatile items in the produce department,” says John Carter, director of global sales for Limoneira. “Our Unleash The Power of Lemons campaign takes advantage of today’s technology and it’s fun, informative and easy. Everyone knows that lemons are a great recipe ingredient and enhancer, but they also have many uses in the areas of health, lifestyle, beauty, and cleaning. These applications are represented by fun icon images in conjunction with our consumer QR code that links to our web site lemon shopper pages.”

“It’s about driving lemon consumption in a fun and easy way,” says Alex Teague, COO. “It’s a given that lemons are in the produce department, but with consumers’ ever increasing focus on natural products, we’d like them to think about lemons when they’re in the cleaning, health, beauty and household aisles, and we want to help drive more lemon sales for our retail partners.”

Limoneira’s Unleash The Power of Lemons campaign will appear in citrus trade publications and through social media programs. “Now that the base communication vehicle and message have been established, we will continue to expand the application across packaging, advertising, and promotions,” notes Carter. “We want to make it as easy as possible to help our customers connect the consumer to the tree.”


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