Millennial Tendencies

I’m excited that Stop & Shop’s Scan It! program has taken off at my local store. But I get pretty frustrated when I walk up to the wall of scanners excited to embark on my favorite kind of retail therapy and find the message: “We’re sorry! There are no fully charged scanners at this time” – or something like that.

High five for its its  success, but a big “boo”  that its so successful I can’t use it half the time.

Last time this happened, I turned around cranky as I had planned on doing a big shop – and the millennial in me can’t stand the idea of waiting in line for someone to check out my items when I could have already scanned them all – to see a sign advertising Scan It! Mobile. Scan It! Mobile? Whoa, hold the [smart]phone!

Sure enough, I whipped out my trusty iPhone, logged into the store’s Wi-Fi network and downloaded Scan It! Mobile.

Easy as using the in-store scanners – and one less thing to hold.

I wandered, scanned all my products, received a buzz offering a discount each time I approached a product I’ve been known to purchase, and headed straight to the self check-out with my over-stuffed reusable bag and iPhone in tow.

Beep. Beep. [Debit card swipe]. Done!

There is much discussion in the industry about the value of hands-on customer service versus technological advancements that allow you to avoid all personal contact. As a tech-baby with a strong independent streak, anything that can make it easier for me to do something myself with the press of a button, I’m a fan.

I know it’s not for everyone but apparently it is for enough people in my town that they can’t keep the scanners charged. Maybe they should invest in more.

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