Nuval Launches New Label with Contest

The people behind the NuValNutritional Scoring System are starting a contest to name an exciting new product that will make finding wholesome, nutritious foods even easier.

The new product is a series of simple labels which alerts consumers about specific attributes of the foods they buy. These labels will indicate whether foods are gluten-free, organic, or a good source of fiber or protein, among other claims. These will be posted alongside the company’s own NuVal Scores, which rank foods on a scale of 1-100 based on their overall nutrition.

While consumers have found NuVal Scores extremely useful when shopping for nutrition, those at NuVal also want to help those with specific health conditions or dietary restrictions, who may need a little more information while grocery shopping. These new labels, coupled with NuVal Scores, will ensure all consumers that they are placing the best foods possible in their shopping carts.

From now until August 8, NuVal is asking all consumers (even those who may not be near a participating NuVal retailer) to propose a name for these new labels. Whoever comes up with the winning entry will win a $250 Visa Gift Card!


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