Price Chopper Celebrates 20 Years of Bagels

Price Chopper Supermarkets is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its in-store Bagel Factories which handcraft fresh New York style bagels and bialys from scratch for customers on a daily basis. To commemorate the occasion, Price Chopper is offering some insight into the unique process of handcrafting authentic bagels and a chance for customers to win free bagels for a year.

“Price Chopper was ahead of the trend in the increasing popularity of bagels. Twenty
years ago, authentic, high quality bagels made from scratch using this elaborate process were few and far between,” said Mona Golub, Price Chopper’s vice president of public relations and consumer and marketing services. “Even, today, in a supermarket setting, it’s rare to find product of this high quality.”

The growth of Price Chopper’s Bagel Factories has mirrored the growth in popularity of
bagels across the country. Since 1995, bagel sales have increased more than 500%
nationwide. In 2012, growth has continued and Price Chopper has continued to introduce new varieties and products that respond to consumer desires. New to Bagel Factories in just the last year are more than 20 flavors of crispy Bagel Chips and three new whole grain bagel varieties (plain, oat and raisin) introduced this week.

“We pride ourselves in making authentic bagels that bake to a fine crisp on the outside
while remaining dense and chewy on the inside. Our Bagel Factories utilize traditional
ingredients and New York style boiling and baking techniques to handcraft a superior fresh product every day of the week,” said Golub.

“Our customers are the reason that we go to such great lengths to bake such high
quality bagels. They appreciate the distinctive quality, flavor and texture of our authentic Bagel Factory bagels and bialys and purchase thousands of them on a weekly basis. For 20 years, we’ve mixed, boiled and baked fresh bagels every day, and we intend to continue doing so for a long time to come,” said Golub.

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