Wegmans Announces Price Freeze

A drought has gripped much of the nation, yet despite economists’ predictions of higher food costs down the road, Wegmans has once again announced a freeze on prices for more than 60 products families buy most during the fall, effective Sunday, August 26, through December 31. Even if costs go up for these products, Wegmans promises not to increase the retail price during this period. (Counting all flavors/varieties, the number of items – SKUs – totals more than 300.)

“It appeared early in the year that food costs would stabilize, but then the drought. There’s so much uncertainty. Planning and budgeting are crucial for families, and it’s made easier when they can count on prices for an extended period of time,” says President Colleen Wegman. “What you save at the grocery store should more than offset what you pay at the pump.”

Once summer ends and cooler weather prevails purchase patterns change, and that is reflected in Wegmans’ fall list. By design, according to Wegman, the list includes products that help families pack lunch and get dinner on the table once school is back. “When we put this list together, we took into consideration the importance of family meals,” she says.

Wegmans Corporate Nutritionist Jane Andrews added, “Family meals encourage better eating habits for children who would otherwise graze. A meal typically includes a greater variety of foods, and sitting together gives mom and dad the chance to model healthful portions and have plenty of conversation.”

The list is heavy with fresh produce items, 15 in total, and also includes such things as whole roasting chicken, tilapia, frozen vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, whole grain breads, Greek yogurt, pasta and pasta sauce (see a few price examples below).

Whole Roasting Chicken                                                       $.99/lb.
White Potatoes, 5 lb.                                                               $1.99
Wegmans Frozen Tilapia, 32 oz.                                          $4.99/lb.
Wegmans Frozen Vegetables, 12 – 16 oz.                         $.99
Wegmans Canned Tomatoes, 28 – 29 oz                          $.79
Wegmans Italian Classics Pasta Sauce, 15 – 24 oz.       $1.99

There are even such staples as toothpaste, shampoo, paper towels, and bath tissue on the list. Most of the products are Wegmans brand, because Wegmans can be more aggressive with pricing for their own brand. The complete list with prices can be viewed on wegmans.com.

“I want our customers to know that we are committed to consistent low prices,” Wegman emphasized. “Beyond this list, we can’t freeze every price, but we make sure our prices on the products families put in their shopping carts every week are 10 to 15% lower than other supermarkets.”

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