Campbell’s Chunky Soup Brings Back the Mama’s Boy Ad Campaign

Campbell’s Chunky soup, the Official Soup Sponsor of the NFL, is bringing back its Mama’s Boy advertising campaign this season. Campbell Soup Company selected Victor Cruz, New York Giants wide receiver and Super Bowl XLVI champion, as the new face of the campaign, which was first introduced in 1997. By reprising the successful campaign, Campbell is strengthening the brand’s connection with the core Chunky soup eater and fully leveraging its NFL sponsorship.

Cruz will be featured in a series of TV and print ads as well as social media that kick off this week to coincide with Week One of the 2012 NFL season. Known for having a close relationship with both his mother and grandmother, Cruz was a natural fit for the Mama’s Boy campaign. A rising star in the NFL last year, Cruz captured the attention of football fans nationwide with a breakout NFL season. A native of Paterson, N.J., Cruz is not only an amazing athlete on the field, but is also very active in his community, say Campbell officials.

“When guys watch an NFL player like Victor Cruz they may admire his athletic abilities or his accomplishments, like winning a Super Bowl ring, but they typically don’t think about the influential people who helped him get to that point – like his mom,” said Mark Materacky, senior brand manager, Campbell’s Chunky Soup. “The Mama’s Boy campaign taps into the important relationship guys share with their moms and helps make a star athlete like Cruz more relatable to men who love football as well as the amazing women in their lives.”

In addition to the ads, Campbell is serving up three new varieties of Chunky soup that are sure to appeal to guys who are looking for bolder flavors: Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder, Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken and Jammin’ Jerk Chicken with Rice & Beans.

The Mama’s Boy campaign, created by Y&R New York, reminds guys that Campbell’s chunky soup can help them stay on top of their game both on and off the field. The Chunky soup brand has been fueling the NFL and its fans since 1998; and, with the help of Cruz, the brand will appeal to a new generation of guys.

Cruz follows in the footsteps of numerous high-profile NFL players who were previously involved with the Mama’s Boy campaign, including Hall of Famers like John Elway, Terrell Davis and Jerome Bettis and other well-known players like Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb and Michael Strahan. The campaign originally ran from 1997 to 2008 and has featured both actresses and real moms alongside the NFL players. For the current campaign the role of Cruz’ mother and grandmother are played by actresses. In the first television spot, titled “Mascot,” Cruz is called to the sideline by his stand-in mom, disguised as a team mascot, to serve him a bowl of Chunky soup.

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