Klondike Brands Supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation for a Second Year

Produce Departments across the country will be a little rosier this fall when Klondike Brands rolls out its second year of support for the National Breast Cancer Foundation by turning packaging for Klondike Rose and Klondike Goldust fresh potatoes pink.

Potandon Produce has announced that it will be launching a special marketing campaign that focuses on increasing breast cancer awareness and supporting the efforts of the NBCF. The campaign, which will run September 19th through October 31st, 2012, will focus on the importance of mammograms for early cancer detection and the benefits of a healthy diet that includes plenty of potatoes and other fresh vegetables.

“A diet full of fruits and vegetables is a great way to fight cancer,” says Kent Romrell, senior vice president of sales, “We’re thrilled that we can aid in the fight by not only donating to this cause, but by raising awareness for a healthy diet and early detection.”

To support the campaign, Potandon Produce will be working with its retailers, offering special incentives, along with an extensive array of communications, both to the trade and the consumer.

Campaign-centered ads will appear in a variety of publications. The trade will also be receiving an e-marketing piece with more information about the program, what they can expect and how they can partner with Potandon on this campaign.

Klondike Brands consumer outreach will include special coupons, Facebook and Twitter posts, and general information e-mails on how they can support this great program. This year it will also be featuring its first ever Cancer Survivor and Memorial Walls on Pinterest. Here consumers can upload a picture of a loved one with any type of cancer to show their solidarity in supporting research and the eventual cure for all types of cancer.

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