NGA Announces New Study: Independent Grocers’ Economic Impact on U.S.

The National Grocers Association (NGA) is pleased to announce a first of its kind study commissioned by the NGA Board of Directors, announced at the NGA Fall Conference, to capture the extraordinary economic impact of the independent grocery channel on the food distribution system and the economy of the United States.  John Dunham and Associates, a third-party research firm, will compile the data (on a state-by-state basis drilling down to specific congressional districts) and present it in a report by early 2013 that will showcase the economic contributions of the independent grocery industry.

“We at NGA are especially proud of the independent grocers and wholesalers who significantly contribute to the country’s economy on the local, state, and national level.  Unfortunately we do not have accurate data that quantifies the size and scope of the independent channel and this information is highly sought after by elected and regulatory officials, the media, consumer product companies and other potential suppliers of goods and services,” stated NGA President Peter J. Larkin.  “While NGA celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, we believe now is the time to document the economic power of the independent channel.”

The Economic Impact Study will attempt to measure every financial aspect of the independent grocery industry, including:

  • Sales volume of independent retail grocers and the wholesalers that serve them;
  • Employment (number of full and part time employees, salaries, and benefits);
  • Value of goods and services procured (food, non-food, packaging, supplies, and equipment);
  • Federal, state, and local taxes and fees;
  • Value of invested capital (value of stores, warehouses, equipment, and real estate, etc.).

 NGA is planning on releasing the final report at the NGA Show in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 10, 2013.

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