Nielsen Perishables Group creates syndicated reports for all fresh departments

A total-store perspective is essential to understand and manage complementary and competitive fresh products, and to identify opportunities for growth and innovation.

The Nielsen Perishables Group developed Syndicated Fresh Reports to understand and measure the complete fresh food business (meat, produce, deli, bakery and seafood departments), enabling fact-based decisions and enhanced analytical power.

Delivered quarterly, Syndicated Fresh Reports include sales data for all fresh departments with detail to the category level for the latest quarter and historical trending.

As Nielsen’s first total fresh reporting solution, Syndicated Fresh Reports provide aggregated point-of-sale data for all items sold in the fresh departments, including both fixed-weight and random-weight items.

The Syndicated Fresh Reports help answer business questions such as:

Quarterly Scorecard Insights

·         What is the health of the store perimeter and how does that compare to other categories?

·         Which regions are the most focused on fresh?

·         How has fresh trended compared to the previous quarter and the previous year?

·         Which fresh department/category has the most growth regionally?

Department Trends Insights

·         How are inflationary pressures playing out in fresh?

·         How are complementary or competitive fresh categories trending?

·         What is the category share in fresh? How does that change seasonally?

·         Which categories receive the most promotional support?

·         What are the fastest growing fresh categories that provide opportunities for cross-promotions?

·         What are the opportunities for new product innovation based on perimeter trends?

The Syndicated Fresh Reports are available now with data from 18,000 stores nationwide. The data is aggregated from key supermarket retailers as well as alternative channels including SuperTarget, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

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