Shanley Farms Now Shipping Morro Bay Avocados

Shanley Farms is now shipping Morro Bay Avocados which are solely grown in San Luis Obispo County, the northernmost avocado growing region in California. Morro Bay Avocados are described as being supremely rich and creamy with exceptionally high oil content. It is due to the cooler production climate which slows the trees metabolism and in turn the fruits maturing process. In some cases Morro Bay Avocados have hung on the trees up to 18 months.

Morro Bay Avocado growers take pride in this unique late season crop of avocados. They are available from now through November in multiple pack styles and sizes. The Morro Bay Avocado program is being packed by Del Rey Avocados.

Along with Morro Bay Avocados, Shanley Farms markets Sierra Sweet Kiwis and Shanley Farms Finger Limes. Shanley Farms have growing locations located in Morro Bay and Visalia, California.

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