Sunlight International is Ready for Halloween

Sunlight International has Halloween all wrapped up with its new box packaging, which holds the company’s stand-up colander bags filled with fresh Harvest Hobgoblin grapes grown by JP Dulcich and Sons. Offered to retailers during this grape season, the decorative yet practical cartons will enhance the Harvest Hobgoblin Fall promotion in stores.

A number of grape varieties – including Autumn King, Scarlet Royal, Crimson and Autumn Royal – will be available in Sunlight’s Hobgoblin packaging. The latest cartons provide an excellent instant promotional display opportunity and complement the already available Hobgoblin display bins.

Substituting from traditional foam boxes and transporting only 100% recyclable boxes during a high-velocity shipping period, Sunlight is committed to providing packaging materials that reduce the carbon footprint. The new carton fits 90 units per pallet and provides a tighter stack with a full lid to protect the product in shipment.

The Hobgoblin box also features festive colors and sharp graphics to attract the attention of consumers, as well as to make a more attractive display for the premium grapes that they carry to market. This program will ship into the third week of October.

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