V8 V-Fusion Offers Moms and Kids Juice Drink Boxes Packed with Fruits and Veggies

With the introduction of V8 V-Fusion juice drink boxes, Campbell Soup Company equips moms with another way to help their kids enjoy their vegetables. Available in three delicious flavors – Apple, Berry and Fruit Punch – these single-serve juice boxes are designed to deliver the fruity and refreshing taste kids love and the nutritional value moms can feel good about serving, say company officials.

Each V8 V-Fusion juice drink box provides a combined serving of vegetables and fruit, is naturally sweetened with no added sugar and is a source of vitamin C. “We listened closely to moms, spent time with kids and worked with our research team to marry the needs of both,” said Mike Barkley, vice president, general manager, for V8 Beverages. “The result is a convenient, tidy package with a fun design that delivers the great-tasting vegetable and fruit juice people expect from V8 V-Fusion.”

Packaging for these new juice drinks features vibrant colors and playful images of dinosaurs. V8 V-Fusion juice drink boxes are sold in eight packs of 6.75-ounce boxes for a grocery MSRP of $3.29 in the juice aisle of grocery stores nationwide.

V8 Fusion Juice Box Drinks

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