Galaxy Nutritional Foods Launches GO Veggie!

Galaxy Nutritional Foods announced it will launch its new grocery store brand, GO Veggie!, at the Produce Marketing Association annual Fresh Summit convention. The new brand features two lines: GO Veggie! Lactose Free and GO Veggie! Dairy Free. Beginning in late October, the products will be found in the produce section of major supermarkets nationwide.

“About a year ago we began examining our existing brand identity and realized the value of creating a singular brand,” says Rick Antonelli, Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Nutritional Foods. “Our research showed that our consumers were confused over which of our products were lactose free and which were dairy free and that they more clearly remembered our ‘Veggie’ name more than Galaxy Nutritional Foods.

“We wanted to capitalize on this existing brand recognition and develop an identity that would empower people to eat smart, live happy while reducing or eliminating their dairy consumption. Our new brand – GO Veggie! – is the solution,” continues Antonelli.

During the rebranding process, the company also learned that the cheese alternative category was still grossly underdeveloped and that opportunities for growth existed if traditional grocery retailers could attract new consumers from the growing food allergy and vegan segments.

The GO Veggie! Dairy Free product line is completely dairy free and offers a variety of flavors in slices, shreds and cream cheese alternative formats. The product line has been developed for individuals with food allergies, specifically milk, and for those who want to live a vegan lifestyle.

The GO Veggie! Lactose Free line of products contains casein and comes in a variety of flavors in slices, shreds, blocks and grated topping formats. In addition to being lactose free, the line is low calorie, cholesterol free and contains zero saturated and trans fats and is rich in calcium. The GO Veggie! Lactose Free products have been developed for individuals looking to reduce the amount of dairy in their diets, manage their weight and eat healthier to improve heart health.

“The dairy free segment represents a tremendous growth opportunity for our grocery retailers and us. We knew we had the size and market share to create and deliver the products that would drive category growth,” says Jamie Schapiro, Director of Marketing, Galaxy Nutritional Foods. “With the new dairy free line, GO Veggie! is now a brand that can meet the needs of the cheese alternative consumer no matter where they fall on the continuum.”

The packaging clearly communicates the product benefits to consumers and eliminated confusion was critically important. The lactose free line, which contains casein, will be sold in the company’s familiar green package while the new dairy and casein free products will be sold in a bold purple package.

GO Veggie!
Galaxy Nutritional Foods

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