Gourmet Trading Company Promotes Tri-Color Asparagus

Gourmet Trading Company is excited to offer Tri-Color Asparagus during the company’s purple asparagus season; September through mid-December. The company offers packs featuring all three colors of asparagus for retail and foodservice customers through the holiday season.

For foodservice Gourmet Trading Company offers an 11-lb. box featuring 4 bunches of green asparagus, 4 bunches of white asparagus and 3 bunches of purple asparagus. “This gives chefs the opportunity to try something different during fall and the holidays,” says Brian Miller, vice president of sales.

The company also offers a 1-lb. bag of green, white and purple asparagus for retail. “This pack helps lift asparagus sales during the holidays by creating a dynamic display enticing consumers to purchase all three colors of asparagus. This gives consumers the chance to try all three colors of asparagus encouraging repeat sales of green, white and purple asparagus,” says Julia Inestroza, marketing director.

Gourmet Trading Company Tri-Color Asparagus packs are available now till of the holiday season in the following pack sizes: 11x1lb bunches of Tricolor Asparagus and 11x1lb Tri-Color Bagged Asparagus. Regular bunched purple asparagus from Peru is also available in 5-lb. and 11-lb. cases throughout the holidays.

Tri-Color Asparagus

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