Green Giant Fresh Upgrades Packaging

Green Giant Fresh announces today the launch of their new consumer-friendly smart packaging design. Products that were previously sold in clamshells have been transitioned to easy-open pouches and all packages have been updated with educational and informative graphic images.

“Our goal is to provide additional value to consumers by helping them make in-store  decisions,” said Mishalin Modena, Senior Marketing Manager for Green Giant® Fresh. “In addition to convenience, shoppers today want easy access to information so that they can make educated purchases. Our smart packaging design elements help them do that.”

Part of Green Giant Fresh’s smart packaging design includes QR codes, or quick response codes that allow users to scan a barcode-type image with their smart phones and access a mobile site with product information, recipes, usage ideas and more. The new packaging designs also include updated cooking icons that highlight a variety of quick and easy preparation methods, as well as nutrition keys that summarize the main nutritional benefits of each product.

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