Market Street Introduces All-Natural Cakes and Frosting

United Supermarkets, LLC, parent company of Market Street, has introduced all-natural cake and frosting options for guests searching for healthier alternatives in the bakery.

Markets Street’s all-natural cakes contain no preservatives, additives, chemicals, artificial flavors or colors. They are also trans-fat free. Guests can choose from all-natural white or chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream icing. Vegetable- and plant-based decorative colors that 100% natural are available in eight different shades including blue, brown, green, orange, pink, plum, red and yellow.

“Our cakes have always been beautiful and delicious, but we are excited to now offer another healthy option in the cake category for our guests who seeking ingredients that are simple and easy to understand” says Tammy Kampsula, United Supermarkets, LLC, business director of bakery.

Market Street bakeries offer other all natural items including artisan breads, cookies, French croissants, muffins, dinner rolls, selected pan breads, pretzels, dessert pastries and specialty cakes. Guests can also expect all-natural buttercream frosting at United Supermarkets bakery locations throughout West Texas.

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