Turbana Brings Consumers Back to the Farms

As the “farm to table” idea has achieved national recognition, Turbana announced they are bringing this concept full circle by showing North American consumers where their bananas are originally harvested. Illuminating their social responsibility, Turbana will show consumers nationwide not only where their bananas were grown, but that by purchasing Turbana bananas they are contributing to the well-being of thousands of workers and families. Simultaneously, Turbana’s initiative offers retailers a way to be transparent with their communities, showing customers that they partner with responsible suppliers, while also providing an additional measurement of traceability.

Each Turbana banana cluster will feature an innovative QR code that will allow consumers to discover the specific farm where that particular banana cluster was harvested. Not only will they connect with the farm and its grower, consumers will also learn about the farm’s sustainable initiatives such as rational use and recycling of water, low use and careful handling of agrochemicals, and collection of plastics and packaging.

Additionally, consumers will learn that, when buying Turbana bananas, they make a significant impact on programs that build stronger communities in the farming region of Colombia. For each and every farm, they will discover the personal story of a worker or community group whose quality of life has been positively affected thanks to their purchase. Each story is an example of how each consumer’s purchase directly contributes to projects managed by Turbana’s social foundation Fundauniban. These projects range from education, health, housing, micro-loans and community infrastructure, and affect thousands of workers, their families and communities.

“It’s phenomenal that we are now able to show consumers how they influence the lives of the people of Colombia. By scanning the QR codes, consumers learn about the growers and how their purchases benefit the banana growing region in a wholehearted way,” says Marion Tabard, Turbana’s Marketing Director. “It’s also a great way for our retailers to engage with their customers by providing complete product transparency.”

Another benefit for retailers is that these new QR codes take traceability a step further. Each QR code featured on Turbana bananas is unique and allows retailers to trace back even when the fruit is out of the box, placed on display.

The QR codes will be available for all bananas, including private label. And below are examples of the farm profiles:

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