Wakefern Food Corp. Announces $13.6 Billion in Retail Sales

Wakefern Food Corp.’s chairman and CEO, Joseph S. Colalillo, and president and COO Joe Sheridan, addressed Wakefern’s membership, store management and staff at the company’s annual meeting in East Brunswick, New Jersey on October 25, 2012.

The company reported that it had reached a record sales level of $13.6 billion in retail sales for the fiscal year ending September 29, 2012, a 6.4 percent increase from the same period last year, and $10.1 billion in warehouse sales. The cooperative opened ten new ShopRite stores and one new PriceRite store during the same period.

“We continue to be successful, in spite of tough competition and an even tougher economy,” stated Mr. Colalillo. “Our success hinges on our family-owned businesses and their ability to focus on our customers – meeting, and exceeding, the unique demands of the different marketplaces in which we operate.”

Also at Thursday’s meeting, Wakefern shareholders re-elected to the Board of Directors: Joseph S. Colalillo as chairman;  James Sumas, Larri Wolfson and Irv Glass as vice chairmen; Lawrence Inserra, Jr., treasurer; Richard Saker, Jeffrey Brown and Kenneth Capano as assistant treasurers; Dominick J. Romano as secretary;  Ned Gladstein, Joel Perlmutter and Steven Ravitz, assistant secretaries; Rocco Cingari, Robert Clare, Lawrence Collins, Jon Greenfield, Charles Infusino, Bernard Kenny, Vincent Lo Curcio III, Leonard Sitar, Richard Tully and Richard McMenamin.

Joseph Sheridan, president and COO, was also re-elected as an operating officer.

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