Baloian Farms Adds Mexican Hothouse Program

Baloian Farms added a Mexican hot house program in November of 2012 with availability through May of 2013.

A new partnership with Cueto Produce of Guadalajara, Mexico provides expanded availability and loading options for Baloian Farms current year-round pepper program. The new hothouse program includes red, yellow and orange bell peppers in a variety of packs including bulk, stoplight, sunrise and single color packs.  Bulk product will be available in the BIOMAsur label and all consumer packs will be available in the Pam Pak brand.

The expansion of their bell pepper volume comes on the heels of continued program growth that includes not only their traditional bell pepper program, but their value oriented Oddbell pepper program and their premium, baby bell specialty program featuring BellaFinas.

“Bell peppers are a core part of our business and our goal is to offer customers high quality, competitively priced products and Mexican grown hothouse peppers allow our customers another choice,” says Jeremy Lane, sales manager at Baloian Farms.

Fresh Trends 2012 research shows that purchase behavior for bell peppers is up nearly 3% from 2011 to 2012 and that consumers noted that bell peppers were one of the top vegetable items they were currently buying more of behind asparagus and avocados.

“We believe that the trends speak loudly, and it’s our job to listen. Consumers are telling us with their purchase behavior that bell peppers are an important part of their shopping basket and we want to make sure that our retailers have plenty of SKU’s to populate their category and give their consumers a choice,” says Lane.

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