Catch Holiday Customers with Wild Alaska Seafood

Just in time for the holidays, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) has released the Seafood to Celebrate portfolio of retail promotional materials. To help retailers highlight the entertaining potential of Alaska seafood, ASMI’s new collection of materials features in-store posters, a mouth-watering recipe booklet, and a convenient recipe on-pack. In addition, ASMI is running two Family Features campaigns, timed with the holiday season and Lent, to highlight the Seafood to Celebrate promotion. The campaigns will reach over 36 million consumers.

The centerpiece of the Seafood to Celebrate collection is the recipe booklet. From pistachio-crusted Alaska halibut bites to Alaska sole sliders, this collection of twelve new recipes offers accessible, healthy alternatives to more traditional entertaining standbys. The recipe booklet highlights small bites that allow home chefs to stretch premium Alaska seafood into more servings per pound — the perfect way to present a high-quality dish in an affordable way.

Alaska halibut and Alaska black cod are particularly suited for this festive time of year because they provide tremendous versatility and boast succulent, luxurious flavors, say ASMI officials. Portion merchandising can offset increases in the per-pound costs of these premium whitefish species. To assist retail partners, ASMI offers species-focused merchandising materials such as recipe leaflets and posters.

Seafood to Celebrate
by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI)

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