CMI’s New Apple Packing Line Keeps Prices Down

CMI and McDougall and Sons (CMI’s largest growing entity and one of their founding owners) has improved their packing operation — amidst a hail storm nonetheless — with the new Greefa sorting machine.

Greefa is a large worldwide developer and manufacturer of sorting machinery for fruit and vegetables that offers cutting-edge technology to increase productivity and efficiencies. Bryon McDougall, Director of Operations for McDougall and Sons says, “In just the short time we have been running on our new apple packing line we have already documented 30% more volume, or 2400 more boxes a day.”

The original reason that the McDougall and Sons looked to the Greefa line was more from a handling aspect than for defects. Soft handling is essential for special varieties like Honeycrisp, and this new machinery would allow for substantially less repacking due to bruising caused by machines.

“Without Greefa sorting technology, our cost to our customer would be much higher this season. When sorting a compromised lot, we are able to maintain speed and salvage more fruit than we could by hand. At the same time we are able to maintain the integrity of our premium fruit,” Bryon McDougall explains.

The new Greefa line allows McDougall to survey the internal quality of fruit by using a light source to create a full spectrum analysis. This spectrum analysis will allow for future testing on fruit to test the storage capabilities; this will become most helpful when identifying fruit that is intended for export markets.

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