Gourmet Trading Company is Now Importing Peruvian Blueberries

North American distributor of fresh asparagus, blueberries and blackberries, Gourmet Trading Company, announced it has received its first shipment of Peruvian Blueberries.

Gourmet Trading Company is not new to Peru as a growing region. The company already grows asparagus in Peru at their farms along with long term grower partner relationships. “We’re excited to expand our product line in Peru. We pride ourselves in being innovative here at Gourmet Trading Company,” says Brian Miller, Gourmet Trading Company President.

Scott Hulsey, Vice President of Procurement, stated that “It was Chris Martin’s vision for Gourmet Trading Company to be heavily involved in the Peruvian blueberry movement. This is our step in executing his vision.”

Gourmet Trading Company will continue to receive weekly shipments of Peruvian Blueberries now till the end of the holiday season.

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