Idaho Resident Wins IPC’s 
First Pinterest Contest

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) awarded a $250 cash prize to Zoe Lowinfell Cauvel of Twin Falls, Idaho for her delectable photo of Idaho Potato “Nachos” in the IPC’s Recipe Photo Contest. The contest, which had been housed on the IPC’s website was re-launched on the IPC’s Pinterest page in October.

“Zoe’s photograph beautifully captured the creativity of the dish through her composition and food styling,” says Frank Muir, president and CEO of the IPC. “We are continually impressed with the photographs that are submitted to this monthly contest, and look forward to having even more cooking enthusiasts and pinners participate. Congratulations, Zoe!”

The IPC relocated the Recipe Photo Contest from its website to its Pinterest page to take advantage of this growing social medium’s sharable, visual platform. Users are invited to visit to find the featured recipe of each month, make the dish and pin it for an opportunity to win a $250 cash prize.

November and December’s featured recipe is Idaho Potato and Wisconsin White Cheddar Gratin, a homestyle Idaho potato casserole dish that’s sure to be a highlight of the holiday table. To enter, make this dish, upload a photo of it to Pinterest and post a link to your pin in the comment section here: Deadline for the November/December contest is December 27, 2012.

All photo submissions are judged by a panel of experts who are looking for originality, creative composition and overall appeal. Here are some quick tips to catch the judges’ eyes:

  • Lighting:  Bright, natural light works best to create a crisp shot. If possible, set your dish next to a sunny window and turn off the flash setting before you snap the photo.
  • Keep it clean:  Wipe the edges of the plate and the space around the food — messy smudges and crumbs aren’t appealing.
  • Props:  For a more interesting shot, try placing a few notable ingredients around the dish or in the background — just as long as it isn’t too cluttered.
  • Plating:  Decorative serving dishes can add to the ambiance of the photo, as long as it doesn’t clash. Let the food be the star!

Idaho Potato Commission

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