Pure Hot House Foods Launches Fresh Kits

Pure Hot House Foods recently launched its Pure Flavor Fresh Kits. Designed to be convenient and affordable, Salsa, Caprese and Guacamole are the first three Fresh Kits to be offered in a shelf stable, fresh focused and value added pack.

These kits are designed to insure that all the necessary items are conveniently packaged together to create the fresh taste that your consumers are looking for. Pure Flavor Fresh Kits were designed and extensively tested, giving you the perfect quantity and serving amounts that also reduces product waste and increases your valuable time.

They’re perfect for appetizers, tailgating, get-togethers and side dishes. The packaging has recipe suggestions, breathable flow wrap design and a recyclable tray.

For further inquiries about the Pure Flavor Fresh Kits, please contact sales@pure-flavor.com.

Pure Flavor Fresh Kits
Pure Hot House Foods/Pure Flavor

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