The Happy Egg Co. Free Range Eggs Flock to U.S. Stores

The happy egg co. is giving shoppers something to cluck about as they expand distribution of their Free Range eggs into select Southern California Gelson’s grocery stores and  fresh & easy locations throughout Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.

By being in the egg case at 190 fresh & easy stores and 15 Gelson’s locations, the happy egg co. will offer shoppers access to Free Range eggs at a total of more than 450 area grocery stores. Once only available at farmers markets and specialty stores, Free Range eggs from the happy egg co. were first made conveniently available and affordably priced at 245 select Ralphs locations in Southern California in October. The addition of fresh & easy locations in Arizona and Nevada marks the first time that those outside of Southern California will have access to Free Range eggs from the happy egg co.

“Parents, chefs, and animal enthusiasts throughout Southern California have become ‘birds of a feather’ with the happy egg co., taking a liking to our philosophy about Free Range eggs and animal welfare,” says Cyd Syzmanski, third generation chicken farmer and eggs-pert at the happy egg co. “With the addition of fresh & easy and Gelson’s, we are able to offer Southern Californians, Arizonians, and Nevadans better access to the Free Range eggs they want.”

Since the best tasting dishes deserve the highest quality ingredients, the happy egg co. believes that the right choices in eggs are those that come from happy hens. Happy egg hens are never placed in cages or locked up in a barn, but rather, are given the freedom to flap their wings as they roam across four acres of pasture. the happy egg co.’s definition of Free Range—allowing hens to be hens—is truly the gold standard.

Happy eggs are packaged in a distinctive sunshine-yellow carton to add a ray of sunshine to the dreary, gray egg case. Big pillars inside of the carton lovingly cradle and protect the eggs, the same way a mother hen protects her chicks.

Happy eggs are available now throughout Southern California (between Santa Barbara and San Diego), Arizona and Nevada. In the coming weeks, the happy egg co. will continue to expand to other grocery chains in California.

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