2013 Issues


Hometown Favorite
For more than 60 years Petersons Fresh Market has endeared itself to the residents of Riverton, Utah, with friendly service, freshly ground beef, top-notch produce and a mouth-watering scratch bakery.

Front & center
Technology, services, vending machines and a changing product assortment are transforming the front end.

The GMO food fight
As state campaigns for mandatory labeling are fought off, consumers and retailers can vote with their wallets to bring transparency and GMO awareness.

Capital ideas
Grocery Headquarters visited four retailers in Albany, N.Y. and observed the various ways in which they are doing business in a highly competitive market.

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Keeping an eye on private label
Through sustained efforts and innovation, retailers have found meaning and purpose with private label programs. Now consumers are looking to them for meaningful answers—not to mention savings.

Season's meatings
The rising cost of meat has made it hard on retailers, but the holiday season presents an opportunity to generate sales.

Design stars
As the retail environment becomes increasingly competitive, design has become critical in differentiating one store from another.

Budget brands no longer
Consumers are putting their trust in store brand nonfoods products; retailers who are dedicated to their brand will come out ahead.

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Retail Executive of the Year
With a multi-format strategy, Laura Karet, CEO of Giant Eagle, has raised expectations while meeting the needs of customers.

Touch down!
Orchard Fresh scores big with farm-fresh produce, service meat and seafood and a bevy of 100% made-from-scratch prepared foods.

Something's brewing
Effectively merchandising light beers and booming niche products can help attract new consumers to the beer category.

Keeping an eye on potatoes
A more favorable yield has potato growers and shippers, along with retailers, optimistic about sales for the coming year.


Demographic diversity
The face of the American consumer is changing. Can supermarket retailers, and their suppliers, change with it?

World’s food fair
Consumers are broadening their palates and supermarkets are stocking more international foods.

Raising the steaks
Karns Quality Foods newest store is in a class above the rest.

Fishing for dollars
Seafood sales are on the rise as consumers continually look for tasty and cost effective ways to eat healthy.


Clicking on all cylinders
By focusing on fresh offerings, online grocers are setting the stage for the future of the industry. It is up to brick-and-mortar retailers to keep pace.

The natural meat market
Retailers that highlight the attributes of their meat case offerings can boost sales of these premium products.

Eyeing apples
Apples are a core fruit within the produce section and sales are on the rise.

Making headway with housewares
Grocers that dedicate legitimate time and effort to the housewares category will likely reap the rewards.


The whole shebang
Whole Foods continues to thrive in a challenging economic environment.

Blazing ahead with HBC
Grocery Headquarters salutes companies in the health and beauty care categories.

For safe keeping
Food safety is a top concern for consumers. Is the industry doing enough?

Sweet charity
Supporting charitable causes offers a way to bond with customers.


The healthcare conundrum
The pending introduction of Obamacare raises plenty of questions for the supermarket industry.

Garden of eating
Fruit Center Marketplace is a foodie’s paradise on earth.

General (merchandise) rulers
Trailblazer Awards recognizes general merchandise companies that have soared above and beyond the competition.

The tobacco transformation
Manufacturers weigh in on what has changed and the changes to come in the tobacco category.


Weis Markets bulks up
The Mid-Atlantic retailer is Grocery Headquarters’ 2013 Retailer of the Year.

Meeting of the minds
Industry officials call GMDC’s spring conference a must-attend event for anyone in the supermarket HBC business.

Snackin’ in the sun
As days grow longer consumers begin to look for convenient, fresh snack ideas.

Mouth guards
Savvy grocers are making inroads against drugstores when it comes to oral care sales.


A numbers game
The State of the Industry Almanac takes a comprehensive look at dozens of supermarket categories.

The lulla-buy of Broadway
Westside Market NYC is sure to be a long-running smash hit.

Olive oil is branching out
Taste as well as health benefits continue to draw consumers into the olive oil category.

Speeding up HBC
Slow response in adding new items is just one issue costing grocers valuable HBC business.


Back to nature
Natural and organic products are on the rise. Retailers have to be picky to stay ahead of the game.

Get 'em while they're young
Manufacturers are offering an array of better-for-you products geared toward babies and young children.

Saved by the Belle
The newly rechristened Belle Foods tolls an exciting shopping experience for customers.

Packed... and ready to move
Innovations in packaging answer consumer demand for sustainability, freshness and safety.


Beating the odds
Roundy’s is Grocery Headquarters 2013 Independent Retailer of the Year.

Private label's time to shine
Grocery Headquarters honors standout companies with its Private Label Trailblazer Awards.

Hold the pesticides
The benefits of organics may be disputed, but consumers are still buying.

Healthy beginnings
Better-for-you breakfast options are jump-starting consumers’ mornings.


A vision for 2020
Industry executives offer insights and opportunities for the future.

Culture shock
Greek yogurt is slowly taking over the yogurt segment.

Hooked on seafood
Consumers are trawling the seafood aisle in search of protein.

Best of the best in wellness
Wellness companies are honored with Grocery Headquarters' 2013 trailblazer awards.