ECR Software Corporation to Demonstrate New Consumer Checkout

ECR Software Corporation (ECRS) will be debuting its concept for a new consumer checkout experience at upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention and EXPO, Retail’s Big Show.

This avant-garde project is code-named “RAPTOR” (Retail Application Prototype Testing of Operational Robotics) and was designed specifically to test new methods in maximizing transaction flow while simultaneously improving customer service. RAPTOR will strive to deliver the world’s fastest, and most pleasurable consumer checkout experience, say company officials.

ECRS’ next generation software, CATAPULT Transaction Server coupled with Datalogic’s Portal Scanner combine to create this new and unique solution that will be demonstrated in at NRF on January 14-15, 2013. ECRS will demonstrate complex, high volume, “real world” grocery transactions using the RAPTOR system to display extreme processing speeds, accuracy and usability. With RAPTOR, each item is processed with unparalleled speed, regardless of transaction complexity or volume.

The RAPTOR demonstration will showcase previously unrevealed, patent pending CATAPULT features that include: Projected Consumer Guidance, Hands Free Attendant Control, Distributed POS Workload, Device-Aware Consumer Guidance and Preemptive Exception Handling.

The Java based CATAPULT is an automated software application with a modern server architecture allowing it to serve up the same transaction business logic for all in-store retail applications, including traditional Point-of-Sale, Automated Scanning, Self Checkout, Pay-Stations and Mobile POS. All applications will be demonstrated at NRF as a single, homogeneous in-store system.

“In retail, like all business, you don’t excel by following others,” commented Pete Catoe, ECRS Founder and CEO. “RAPTOR has allowed ECRS to break away from the conventional and try new ‘what if’ scenarios. We are demonstrating that extreme productivity and customer service no longer have to be mutually exclusive.”

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