IEOOC is Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

In December, Idaho-E. Oregon Onion Committee (USA Onions) Shippers worked with a Boise, Idaho based hospital, St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, to bring their mobile mammogram unit to various onion packing sheds in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. The mobile mammogram unit spent a half day at each shed and provided mammogram services to shed employees and members of the community.

“Participating in programs of this nature supports the Promotion Committee efforts to encourage a ‘healthy lifestyle,’ which is a message that is reflected in many of the Committee’s promotion campaign efforts,” said Sherise Jones, marketing director. “This includes the current grilling campaign platform with Weber-Stephens Products LLC that focuses on healthy recipes that incorporate USA Onions and grilling techniques. The Committee is always pleased to see shipper members take action to contribute to our community’s health and well-being. Bringing the mobile mammogram unit to members of the onion industry is certainly a positive step in a ‘healthy’ direction.”

The Saint Alphonsus Mobile Health Screening Coach is a 40-foot long mobile unit that travels to numerous sites throughout the region providing the same high quality health screening services that you get from Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho.

According to Tiffany Cruikshank, IEOOC Promotion Committee Member, and a USA Onions Shipper, “When Tamara Bybee, another USA Onions Shipper reached out to me with the idea of bringing the St. Alphonsus Mobile Mammogram Unit to our facilities, I was immediately on board. We have all been impacted by breast cancer in one way or another and mammograms are vital to early detection which can save lives. We all know the process is generally not convenient, nor is it fun – but by bringing the Mobile Mammogram Unit to our employees, we eliminate those barriers and provide breast health services in our local community. I cannot stress enough the ease of working with the Mobile mammography Unit.”

The Mobile Health Screening Coach travels to southwestern Idaho, eastern Oregon and northern Nevada and is used primarily to provide screening mammography services. Saint
Alphonsus provided over 3,000 women with mammograms last year.

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