Ahold USA and its divisions donate $67 million to local charities in 2012

Ahold USA today announced that nearly $67 million was donated in 2012 through the company’s Our Family Foundation, its retail banners of Stop & Shop, GIANT/MARTIN’S and Giant Food of Landover, Maryland, along with customer, vendor, and associate donations to local organizations committed to fighting hunger, improving the lives of children, and building healthy communities. As a food retailer, Ahold USA and its companies recognize the important role they play in helping to eradicate hunger in the communities they serve and in 2012, hunger-related donations accounted for 46% or $31 million of the overall donations.

To alleviate child hunger by reaching more food insecure children with healthy meals, Ahold USA today announced a new three-year initiative to distribute $9 million in Fighting Child Hunger grants from its Our Family Foundation. As part of this initiative, Fighting Child Hunger grants have been awarded to 21 regional food banks served by Ahold USA’s Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro and Giant Landover divisions. Each grant recipient submitted a proposal late last year addressing how they believed a Fighting Child Hunger grant could best be used to feed more children. These grants target communities with significant need in order to provide healthy meals to children through child care, after school, mobile pantries, and summer programs, as well as other innovative approaches.

“Grocery stores are among the top donors to Feeding America food banks nationwide and these grants will take our core missions of hunger relief and helping children a step further by raising awareness for the issue and feeding more children in the local communities we serve,” said Bhavdeep Singh, executive vice president, operations and chair of Ahold USA’s Our Family Foundation. “Companywide, Ahold USA and our retail divisions will continue our commitment to donating cash, product, and volunteer time, delivering on a call to action to do everything we can to alleviate childhood hunger.”

The core Fighting Child Hunger grants will be further supplemented by volunteer grants that donate to regional food banks based on associate volunteering.

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