Knowlan’s Super Markets Earns Silver Plate Award from Minnesota Grocers Association

Knowlan’s Super Markets is one of four companies in Minnesota to be recognized for its exceptional efforts to end hunger in its community. Knowlan’s Super Markets participated in the October 2012 “Minnesota’s Own” campaign to end hunger.

P1000411“Minnesota’s Own” raised food and monetary donations to provide over 6.2 million meals to Minnesota families in need. It was coordinated by the Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA) and included more than 224 MGA retail members, 13 vendor partners and community food banks and food shelves across the state.

Participating stores and vendor locations offered multiple opportunities for consumers to contribute to the campaign. Many retailers encouraged customers to donate grocery items in-store or round up their purchase totals at the register, contributing the price difference to feed local families. Others prominently displayed the names of customers who donated money on grocery list icons. All food and monetary contributions collected were distributed to a variety of local food shelves, banks, and support organizations across the state.

Knowlan’s Super Markets received the Silver Plate Award for Best Overall Program Support – Retail in the “Minnesota’s Own” display contest, which offers a chance for campaign participants to get creative with in-store advertising while engaging consumers to end hunger. Statewide, 265 stores and vendors participated in this year’s display contest.

In addition to the award, Knowlan’s Super Markets presented a $1,000 donation to the food charity of their choice, ACBC Food Shelf, on behalf of the “Minnesota’s Own” program.

“We are pleased to be recognized with a Silver Plate Award from the Minnesota Grocers Association, but the real winners in this effort are the struggling families in our community that will benefit from the contributions made,” said Chris Haglund, Store Director of Festival Foods in Andover. “I’d like to congratulate our customers and team members on their generosity and willingness to help strengthen our community.”

“Our economy continues to place Minnesotan families at risk for hunger,” said ACBC Food Shelf Manager Jerri Loughry. “Job loss, medical bills, and car repairs are just some of the reasons families need help from a food shelf. Local food shelves would not be able to meet the growing need without the help of partners like the Minnesota grocers, vendors, and their customers.”

“It was exciting to see these partnerships develop and everyone’s hard work on the “Minnesota’s Own” program make a positive difference for Minnesota families in need,” said Jamie Pfuhl, President of MGA.

“I applaud Knowlan’s Super Markets on its successes in this campaign. All of our participants did a great job raising awareness on a community level and rallying consumers behind this important cause.”

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