Sea Best Offers Fish Finder Online Consumer Tool

Sea Best, the flagship brand of Beaver Street Fisheries, has launched an online tool to help consumers choose the fish type that best suits their tastes and seafood experience level.

The Sea Best Fish Finder,, is an easy to follow selection system that guides consumers through three simple questions to help find the best fish to match their taste preference and experience level. Each fish is categorized on taste, texture and cooking method. Consumer friendly language within those categories helps consumers easily select the right fish for them.

The Sea Best Fish Finder is a continuation of the brand’s focus to guide consumers through every step of the seafood experience from purchase to plate.

“We know selecting the right fish can often be intimidating for consumers due to the
variety and range of flavors within the category. We wanted to provide a system that helps ease the selection process while encouraging consumers to try new types of fish,” said James Berger, Director of National Sales for Sea Best seafood.

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